Moving Legacy Videography & Memorial Videos
Memorial Service Videography & Live Streaming, and Powerful Legacy Videos to look back on later.

Moving and impactful videos to remember your loved ones by. Made from existing photos and video, and optionally including footage from the memorial service or celebration of life.

We also offer funeral service videography and live streaming.

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Legacy Videography Services

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Passionate Filmmakers. Proven Process.

A team that you can trust with your project.

We've been working together since 2015, and each member of our team still shares the same passion for film and wants to bring their art to your story. You can trust our team to give your video their all, because we're in this business because we love to be, not because we have to be.

Our team will work with you throughout the planning process to get everything we need to make a set of stunning films for you. We know all the right questions to ask, and can provide you with some tips and tricks along the way to make your day and your video a success.