Videography for your event starts at $550.

Our Basic Event Videography packages are perfect for plays, musicals, recitals, presentations, conferences, or other events that you'd want recorded straight-through!  If you're not looking for a fancy Highlight Video or a huge amount of editing-down, our basic event videography packages may be perfect for you.

Event Videography Packages & Rates

Archival Recording


(Or $500 for schools and not-for-profits)

  • Intended for archival purposes
  • 1 Camera & Videographer
  • Professional Audio Recording
  • Up to 3 Hours of filming***

Basic Cinematic


(Or $650 for schools and not-for-profits)

  • 2 Cameras (One Videographer)
  • Basic Editing Services Included*
  • Professional Audio Recording
  • Up to 3 Hours of videography**
Most Popular

Cinematic Plus


(Or $750 for schools and not-for-profits)

  • 3 Cameras (Two Videographers)
  • Basic Editing Services Included*
  • Professional Audio Recording
  • Up to 3 Hours of videography**

These rates do not apply to weddings. See Wedding Videography for details about our wedding services.

*Basic Editing Services consists of syncing audio and video, and cutting between camera angles to create a single, easy to watch video of the event. For highlight videos or any additional editing, contact us for a quote.
** Continuous time-on-site, excluding our setup and teardown time.

Looking to Live Stream your event?

Your Event +Live starts at $250

If you're looking to get your event in front of a wider audience, or if you have some folks who can't attend, a live stream is the perfect solution for you.

With multiple options when it comes to setup from a professional studio-grade Multicam broadcast to a basic one-camera stream, we have live streaming options that work for any event, at any scale, at any budget. Learn more about Unnamed Films' live streaming.

Let's talk about your Event.

Past work availible upon request.

What is (and isn't) Basic Event Videography?

Basic Videography is our most simple film offering-- our team will arrive 30-45 minutes prior to the event with appropriate cameras and audio equipment for your project. We film the event all the way through, and then we edit it together cutting between cameras for an easy-to-watch, cinematic video of your event. If you're familiar with filmmaker parlance, you might know of this as a "Multi-cam Production"

If you're looking for something more than a multi-cam edit of your event (Say a Highlight or Recap video for a party or conference), that is certainly something we can help you with, too!  That does take a little more work when it comes to the editing, so please get in touch with us so we can put together a custom quote for you.