We are a team of storytellers in Grand Rapids, Micigan, and we love what we do.

We are a videography and production company based in West Michigan, and we're not in the business of filmmaking because we have to be, but because we love to be. We've been working together since 2015, and each member of our team still has the same passion for film and wants to bring their art to your story.

No matter the project-weddings and event videography to commercial filmmaking and post-production-each member of our team will bring their passion and unique creative vision to the table to create something beautiful and to tell your story.

The Team

Scott Hoek

Creative Director

Scott is one of the founders of Unnamed Films and started the company with David Garrett in 2015.  Scott has a background in technology and a passion for film that he brings together to make Unnamed Films work.  

In his free time, Scott produces short films and documentaries and spends a disproportionate amount of time obsessing over his dog and cat.

David Garrett

Technical Director

David is a co-founder of Unnamed Films.  He has a background in theatre technology and sound engineering which he uses to ensure a consistent process and quality throughout all of Unnamed Films' work.  

When he isn't filming or editing, David enjoys classic titles such as Minecraft and League of Legends, and spends time with his two cats, Hades and Persephone.

Jenna Bouwman

Jenna B.

Videographer & Editor

Jenna attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit and earned a bachelors in film & animation. Jenna is a passionate filmmaker and videographer, who being a recent bride herself knows exactly what it's like to be on the other end of the camera on a wedding day!  

Jenna has been a member of the Unnamed Films team since 2019.

Collin Wallace

Collin W.

Videographer & Editor

Collin joined the Unnamed Films team as a videographer and editor in 2021.

Connor Sanford

Connor S.

Videographer & Office Assistant

Connor has been with Unnamed Films from the very beginning. Earlier than the beginning, in fact-- he grew up making movies with Scott & David throughout high school. Connor has a knack for people, and is excited to go to each and every wedding he films. His foremost goal is to make each shoot "a really good day."

Brennan Huizinga

Brennan B.


Brennan is an award-wedding filmmaker and cinematographer in Grand Rapids. He studied at Grand Valley State University, and has gone on to win several accolades for his films.

Brennan has been with Unnamed Films since 2018. He as an eye for cinematography and a knack for finding beautiful shots in seemingly ordinary moments.

Dylan Brown

Dylan B.


Dylan joined the Unnamed Films team as a videographer in 2021.

Mike Croff

Mike C.


Mike joined the Unnamed Films team for our last wedding of 2021!  He's an experienced filmmaker who brings his passion and love for creating art to every job he works.

Jessie Steffes

Jessie D.

Content Creator

Jessie joined the Unnamed Films team as a content writer and editor in late 2021. She studied English & Writing at Indiana Wesleyan University, and enjoys bringing genuine, relatable (and grammatically accurate) content to the Unnamed Films feed, from blogs to scripted content and everything in-between. She and her husband are Grand Rapids natives, and have enjoyed watching and sharing their own wedding video filmed by the UNF team in 2020.

What We Do