Hiring Videographers in Grand Rapids

Make awesome videos with us
(and have fun doing it)
Looking for passionate, fun, & friendly videographers to join our growing Grand Rapids-based team.

Join our Team!

We're a team of videographers and editors in Grand Rapids, and we're in this business because it's what we love to do. If you also love telling impactful stories through film, and are excited about collaborating with other like-minded videographers, then Unnamed Films is the team for you.

About Unnamed Films

Unnamed Films is an LGBT-Owned Video & Production Company that serves West Michigan and is based in Grand Rapids. We approach every project with a team-based mindset, and focus on assigning work based on our members' strengths & weaknesses. We don't make videographers bid on jobs, and our team is never in competition with eachother.

As of this writing, we have a staff that includes our two owners, 3 employed editor/Videographers, and 4 contract videographers.

You can read about the rest of our team here.

Experience helps, but passion is a must.

This company got its start in 2015 as a way for Scott & David to pay for college, but after a few years they quickly realized that this is what they wanted to pursue instead.  The team has come a long way since then, but the passion and excitement has stayed the same, and that is what we look for in new members of our team.

What we look for:

Be able to follow instructions and shoot in a pre-defined style.

Bringing your own equipment is preferred, but not required.

Experience with wedding videography isn't required, but some previous experience with video production at any level is preferred.

Be knowledgable about equipment, and know how your camera works.  For example, videographers should be able to explain the difference between shutter speed and aperture, and when they would want to prioritize which.

Videographers must have reliable transportation.

Videographer Equipment Requirements*

Camera capable of shooting in 4K and 108op 60fps

Camera Stabilizer (3-axis gimbal preferred)

*Bringing your own equipment is preferred, but not required. If you bring your own equipment, it must meet these minimum requirements.

What you'll do:

Work with at least one other Unnamed Films videographer on weddings and other events

Meet with our admin team to go over details & expectations prior to shoots

Record edit-minded footage per our provided instructions & training

Make something awesome, and have some fun while doing it.

What we'll do:

Provide paid training for shooting in the Unnamed Films style

Handle all pre- and post-production -- you just read the binder, meet with us, show up, and film!

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Are you hiring editors?

We are, but we always look to our existing videography team first for such opportunities. We do not contract out editing.

Is this a contract or employee position?

We have both contract & employee videographers; the distinction is based on how many jobs they work with us each year, whether they work with us in the office in addition to filming, and their personal preference as to how they get paid.

Do I provide the equipment?

We prefer our team shoot on equipment that they are familiar with, but can provide equipment if need be. Videographers that bring their own equipment are paid a higher rate.