Grand Rapids Event Videography

Take advantage of our passionate Grand Rapids-based team to create stunning and impactful videos of your Live Performance, Presentation, Party, or other event.

Professional Video Production for Any Event

Quality that will blow you away (and prices that won't)

Professional-grade video production with transparent, up-front pricing.

Our prices are based on the cost we pay our videographers and editors, not arbitrary factors like how large your company is or the scale of your event. We quote you upfront, and you'll only ever pay more if you want something different with your video.

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We also offer special pricing for schools and not-for-profit organizations!

Professional Event Videographers from Unnamed Films getting ready to record an event

Fun, Friendly (& Respectful) Promise

Capturing the day without getting in the way.

We promise to always be respectful of your space, your guests, and your event. While filming your event is our focus, we understand that it isn't necessarily your top priority—the event itself is. This is why we put so much work into training our team to be self-sufficient, keep a low profile, and avoid being disruptive to your event.

And not to sound prideful, but we like to think we're pretty great to work with.  Our team knows how to keep it light and fun, and will always deliver friendly service to you and everyone else taking part in your event.

Passionate & Experienced Filmmakers

A team you can trust with your important events.

We started working together filming event videos way back in 2015, and we've been honing our craft ever since. And before Unnamed Films worked together, much of our team's background was in live event production so we know how it works and what to expect.  All this to say, we have the experience and know-how needed to make a stunning, high-quality video for your event.  

Each member of our team still shares the same passion for filmmaking as we had when we started this business, and each one wants to bring their skillset to your event & video. You can trust our team to give your production their all, because we're in this business because we love to be, not because we have to be.

Some of what we do...

Plays, Recitals, and Live Performance Videography.

Keep a cinematic record of you or your loved ones' performances with Live Performance Videography. We work with your audio engineers to capture crisp audio straight from your sound board, and we'll work with your directors to find the best angles to capture your production.

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We also offer special pricing for schools and not-for-profit organizations!

Past work available upon Request.

Conference Video Production & Corporate Event Videography.

Preserve a record of your important conference or presentation, or get a copy to distribute online and reach an even wider audience.

We can also broadcast your event live, online. Unnamed Films' live streaming can enable your audience to watch (or even participate in) your event from anywhere.

Video Production for Parties & Other Events.

The most emotional way to share the memories of a special day, party, or corporate event. Set to music inspired by you and your event, our event highlights capture the feeling and atmosphere of a day in a way other mediums simply can't.

Looking for Wedding Videography?

All-day coverage, 2 videographers, additional videos. The most emotional way to remember your big day, with all you need included.

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Sporting Events & Recruiting Reels.

Athletes use video to promote themselves, improve themselves, and set themselves apart. We have experience creating highlight videos for events, recruiting reels for athletes, and more.

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We also offer special pricing for schools and not-for-profit organizations!

Past work available upon Request.
Anything Else?

Whatever your event (or other video needs), we're here to help!