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Important Reminders

Video downloads from are for archival or backup purposes only, and are subject to your agreement with Unnamed Films. In most cases, and unless our agreement specifically states otherwise, Unnamed Films retains ownership of your videos and you are not permitted to monetize, advertise against, or pay to promote them in any way.

This is due to our music licenses (and copyright law!) and is not up to us.  

For Weddings...

In the case of wedding videos, we ask that you share your videos from our Vimeo or FaceBook page rather than uploading them to your own social media. This way, we can provide the music licenses to the various platforms directly, and you are shielded from any copyright red-tape.

For Live Performance Videos...

Please keep in mind that digital downloads of performance videos are for personal use only and cannot be uploaded to other platforms without explicit permission from your director, the copyright holder of the work being performed, and Unnamed Films.


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