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Wedding Post-Production

Editing Help, Videographer to Videographer
Unlimited Revisions to help us perfectly match your style.

Almost every wedding videographer ventures into the realm of B2B (Business-to-Business) video production at some stage, but our passion lies in V2V – that's Videographer-to-Videographer.

Our team comprises seasoned wedding filmmakers who aren't just passionate about crafting beautiful stories but are equally enthusiastic about helping you perfect yours.

Since we are active in the wedding industry ourselves, we understand the nuances of wedding videography. We are here to help you edit your films with a personal touch, ensuring each video not only meets but exceeds yours and your clients' expectations.

The Process


Tell Us About Your Style

Every videographer's style is unique, and we understand how important it is that the videos you deliver match your signature style.

Before our first project, we'll meet to discuss your style and get some details about you and your videos locked down. We'll fill out some questionnaires and you can share some inspiration and examples to help us get our edits as close to your style as possible.


Upload Footage & Notes

Once we understand what makes your videos yours, we're ready to get started.

You'll send us your fotoage via FTP or DropBox, and you'll share any details about the specific project that you want our editors to know.

Have a specific shot in mind to open the ceremony?  


Unlimited Revisions

Once that's all set, the last step is to review our edit and request revisions.

We'll work with you until the video is just how you want it.

We can even help with client revisions, too.

Let's Talk About Your Videos

Editing to match your style.

Your style is unique, and we understand that.

When you entrust us with your footage for our first project together, we don't just dive into editing. Instead, we initiate a collaborative meet-up to deeply understand your style and preferences. Feel free to share any sample videos that resonate with your aesthetic. Our team, equipped with this insight, diligently works to transform your raw footage into a seamless, stylized video that resonates with your signature touch.

Your vision, our expertise – together we create magic.

Tell Us About Your Style
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Talented Editors & Colorists

Applying the same passion to your videos as we do ours.

Our team is the backbone of our service, consisting of highly skilled editors and colorists who are not just adept at their craft but are also continually evolving with industry trends.

With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of narrative flow and color psychology, our professionals ensure that each frame is not just visually stunning but also emotionally compelling. From meticulous editing to subtle yet impactful color grading, we assure quality that speaks volumes of your brand.

Our editors are all also active wedding videographers, as well, so we know the field and are already up-to-speed with your clients' expectations.

A screen shot of an editing timeline with color correction tools pulled up
An icon featuring a gear with fine-tuning controls above shaking hands, conveying the idea of collaborative video editing

Collaboration is Standard & Revisions are Included.

Working with you to get your videos just how you want them.

We believe in true partnership, and our process reflects this ethos. Collaboration isn't just an add-on; it's the core of our service.

We're committed to creating videos that look and feel like they were crafted by you, for your clients. And because we value your satisfaction above all, revisions are not just an option – they're a standard part of our process. We work closely with you at every step to ensure the final product is something you're proud to present to your clients.

More Reasons to Choose Unnamed Films

In-House, U.S.-Based Team

Our entire team is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. So when you work with Unnamed Films, you can be confident in the fact that you're supporting local artists, and not having your work farmed out over seas.

VFX to Save the Day

If we had a dollar for every time a photographer blocked our shot, we'd have like, a lot of dollars. Other times, the second shooter didn't have the first kiss quite in focus. For situations like those, our VFX team has you covered.

Speed & Efficiency meets Quality

We've developed unique collaborative process that enables our team to get incredible results at speeds that will impress you, and at the very least, satiate your ravenous brides.

Let's Talk About Your Videos

Our Work