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We focus on making emotional Highlight videos that capture the vibe and atmosphere of your big day. We thoughtfully consider every detail of our wedding videos from color grading & editing to pacing & music, ensuring no two of our videos are the same. Our all-day packages include 2 videographers and additional videos of your ceremony and reception so you can take home more than just the Highlights.

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This One’s All About the CANDIDS!


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This was a very special wedding for the Unnamed Films family! Abby & Brock tied the knot at Studio D2D in beautiful downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Abby & Brock are among a handful of couples (hopefully growing) to submit video from their engagement to be used as part of their wedding video! We are always happy to try to incorporate well-captured footage of major events to help tell a love story like the one these two share.

Along with their submitted video, we focused on candid footage for this video. We wanted these two to hear the way they talked about and to each other on the big day, and wanted to include all the little moments that made their day theirs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

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