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Allie & Stephen

July 15, 2023

Allie married Stephen in Fowler, Michigan, and we absolutely LOVE the way these wedding speeches work with their wedding video!

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She Quoted Hannah Montana TWICE 😍


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Allie & Stephen held a classic event lit up by the gorgeous stained glass of Most Holy Trinity Parish in Fowler, Michigan. We absolutely LOVED the speeches from their big day!

This couple was looking for music that fit their vibe, something a little more on the alternative side, with feel-good vibes to highlight the joy of their wedding day. They were also looking for voice overs from the big day to be added! We were able to include highlights from their wedding day speeches, a little snippet from the Officiant, and their vows to each other ♥

We hope Allie & Stephen will come back to this video many times throughout the years and enjoy looking back on the sights and sounds of their best day! 💍💒