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We focus on making emotional Highlight videos that capture the vibe and atmosphere of your big day. We thoughtfully consider every detail of our wedding videos from color grading & editing to pacing & music, ensuring no two of our videos are the same. Our all-day packages include 2 videographers and additional videos of your ceremony and reception so you can take home more than just the Highlights.

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Classic Wedding Video Ingredients: 👰+🤵+💒


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Jennifer & Blake held an intimate wedding with close friends and family at the Morris Estate in Niles, Michigan. They went for the classic wedding vibe–white dress, tux, and a little white chapel ⛪ In our consultations, Jen & Blake shared that they like country music, and were looking for a “sentimental but celebratory” feel for their song. They’re fans of Taylor Swift and Shania Twain, so we took that and ran! We found a song that isn’t distracting, but captures that sentimental and uplifting feeling of falling in love. Jennifer also requested that we include the pause before she walked down the aisle, as it was an intentional choice by the couple. To show the pause between the party arriving at the altar and the bride, we included shots of Jennifer and her dad setting up (and getting misty!) before the doors opened and she made her way down the aisle. Congratulations, Jennifer & Blake! 💕

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