Cinematic Wedding Videography

The quality and time they put into the video is amazing.
- Lorrin B.

An in-house team that always goes the extra mile.

In even the most grandiose of productions, it's the smallest details that make a film stand out. And our team is so dedicated to making incredible wedding videos that we spend weeks tweaking and refining those details to make your video as stunning as can be.

We have a team of Grand Rapids-based videographers, editors, and coordinators that works together on all of our weddings—we never outsource editing to other companies or videography to untrained contractors we haven't met. Having this creative control over the process from start to finish, with our editors and wedding videographers collaborating and working through the intricacies of your day and preferences enables us to create exceptional films that stand above the rest.

Let's talk about your wedding.


They took all of our ideas and visions and brought them to life.

Alyson R.

Uniquely Stylized, Never Cookie-Cutter.

At Unnamed Films, we don't start with a basic template or apply a generic look to the whole video—every stunning detail from the pacing to the music, from the shots we select to the way they're color graded is is thoughtfully considered and tailored to you and your one-of-a-kind wedding day.

Meaningful Wedding Films, Tailored to You.

Your wedding is going to be meaningful to you in a way that is just as unique as you are—and your video should be, too!

Throughout the planning process, we work to get to know you and your vision, and we do everything in our power to make sure your highlight video is as special as your special day.

And when we're editing, we're not just picking out the prettiest shots to make an empty 4K mirage that looks good on a reel, we're looking for the moments we know you are going to want to see. We pride ourselves on making the vibe of your wedding video match the vibe of your wedding day. That's why our Grand Rapids team collaborates on every step from start to finish, so that we get the full picture of you, your day, and your goals for your wedding video. Energetic or sentimental, exciting or low-key, your wedding video will be a reflection of the beautiful day you've created.

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