How Our Videos Delivered Sales in the Pandemic & Beyond

Infiniti of Grand Rapids has partnered with Unnamed Films for two years to boost their digital presence.

[Unnamed Films] Took the time to listen to our desires and help us figure out exactly what was needed to increase our digital presence.

-Craig S. Ressell, Executive Manager
Infiniti of Grand Rapids

Infiniti of Grand Rapids first approached Unnamed Films in late 2018, and over the years we've worked together to produce a number of projects like Virtual Test Drives, Vehicle Detail Videos, and more. These videos increased sales and engagement, boosted the dealership's online presence, and provided the means for customers to learn about their vehicles during a pandemic.

Let's take a look at the impact of video on the dealership by the numbers.


Increase in value-add sales


of used vehicles sold on video alone


Increase in pre-owned vehicle sales

As reported by Infiniti of Grand Rapids

Virtual Test-Drives Answer Questions and Drive Interest

Each prospective lead sees a virtual test-drive before coming to the dealership

Before COVID-19, Infiniti had contracted us to create "virtual-test drives" for two of their most popular models. Working together with members of their sales team, we wrote a script to highlight the best selling-points of these vehicles, and used a combination of new footage and existing video provided by the brand to create high-quality and aesthetic films that capture the customers' attention and explain why they should consider Infiniti's vehicles.

As we were filming the first of these videos on March 23rd, the Michigan lockdown was announced. We worked quickly with the dealership to develop four additional videos for other models to help continue reaching out to customers while the dealership was unable to sell to them in person.

Even now that the lockdown is over, the virtual test drives have become an indispensable tool for the dealership, who sends them out to each new lead. The videos help to capture the customers' attention, answer some common questions before they even stop by, and gives the dealership something to make them stand out from the other guys their customers are certainly contacting as well.

You can watch more of the Virtual Test-Drives here.

Product Videos increase value-add sales

Our first video for IoGR increased sales of their environmental protection product by 40%.

We first partnered with the dealership in late 2018 when they approached us with a problem-- customers weren't understanding the benefits of their environmental protection product, the Elite Protection Program. In order to showcase why the product is an investment, we sat down with members of the IoGR sales team and worked together to determine which features of the program would be best to highlight on film and how to pitch the product in a way most likely to drive sales.

Together, we created a video that is shown to each and every customer who purchases an eligible vehicle from the dealership, and sales of the Elite Protection Program increased by 40% after the introduction of the video.

Vehicle Detail Videos moved cars in the Pandemic

15% of pre-owned vehicles were sold on video alone, and customers still buy from the videos today.

When the Coronavirus Pandemic struck in early 2020, the need for pre-owned vehicles didn't just end. Leases were still up, vehicles were still breaking down, and customers still needed to buy cars. Enter: Vehicle Detail Videos.

Based on the idea of the virtual test-drives, we worked with the pre-owned team to develop a highly efficient system to make videos showcasing the best features of every used vehicle on their lot, every week. We built an automated system that communicates with the dealership's database, automatically lets our videographers know what vehicles are ready to be filmed every week, gathers data about those vehicles, and attaches the complete videos to the dealership's website, social media, and makes them available to sales team members to send out to new leads-- All within three days or less of filming.  Every week.

This became a critical tool for the dealership during the lockdown, with 15% of pre-owned vehicles being sold and delivered to customers who had never stepped foot in the dealership and had only seen the video, according to IoGR. The videos have also served to increase the dealership's digital presence, and customers frequently contact the dealership about vehicles they saw in one of our videos online, even today. After the introduction of the Vehicle Detail videos, the dealership saw a 32.8% increase in pre-owned vehicle sales, year-over-year.

You can watch more of the Pre-Owned Vehicle Detail Videos here.


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at Unnamed Films for the fantastic work you have done with our virtual test drive videos.  I appreciate you taking the time to listen to our desires and help us figure out exactly what was needed to increase our digital presence.

Since our partnership, we have observed increased Search Result Impressions and increased Vehicle Detail Page Views across our website, and

Our pre-owned vehicle sales have increased by 32.8% for the last 90 days, when comparing the same sales period in 2019.

Thanks again for all your help.


Craig S. Ressell

Executive Manager, Infiniti of Grand Rapids

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