Heartwarming Stories of Changing Lives

We helped this Grand Rapids nonprofit raise funds so they can continue to help folks in need
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"Dégagé has been a light in my life."

We worked with Dégagé to pull together a powerful testimony video about the work they do in the downtown Grand Rapids area helping people in need. Videos like these are critical for Dégagé, a nonprofit, as they seek to fundraise and raise awareness of their activity in the community.

Interview Coaching

Interviewing and being interviewed is hard, especially for folks who aren't used to sitting in the spotlight. When we came to Dégagé to interview some of their people, we helped them to feel more comfortable and confident on camera. We will occasionally ask questions intended to guide folks to say more, say the same thing in a new way, or keep their stories focused on the goal of the video. This helps us to maximize our time on site and can help the people being interviewed to feel comfortable and confident.

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