We Helped Him Market His Leadership Book

Success or Significance? Why Not Both?
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Helping Leaders to Find Success AND Significance

Jeff has a heart for business leaders: he wants to help them find business success AND personal significance--without ever feeling like they achieve one at the cost of another. That's why he wrote his book, Life-Changing Leadership Habits.

The book marketing space has become overrun, especially books targeted at leaders and business owners. Jeff needed something to help him cut through the crowd with a message he truly believes in so his work could start impacting the folks who needed it. That's where we came in.

Value Proposition Video

We helped Jeff to create a UVP video to show what about his book was different from all of the other leadership books that preach either professional success OR personal significance. With his guidance, his readers can have both! And we created this video to let them know. Jeff has been able to use this video on his social media, his website, and more to reach readers everywhere who need to hear that professional success and personal significance are not mutual exclusives: successful leaders can enjoy both.

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