Wedding Videography Addons

Available with Wedding Videography.

Drone Videography


Not only are our drone shots stunning, but they come with the peace of mind of knowing it's done by the book. Our drone videographers are not only super-talented artists, but they're also fully licensed and insured FAA Card-Carrying Remote Pilots, so you know your arial shots will be beautifully artistic and captured safely.

As a part of the cost of our drone services, we research the flight area and will file for any necessary authorizations to fly ahead of your wedding.

Subject to Availability.

Multicam Ceremony Live Stream


We'll professionally stream your ceremony online with up to 4-cameras, giving your friends and family joining remotely a professional & broadcast-quality view into your ceremony.

In some cases, one additional team member will join us for your ceremony in order to help facilitate the live stream.

Subject to Availability.


1-Camera Ceremony Live Stream


A simple 1-camera live stream of your ceremony, broadcast online for your friends and family to join remotely.

Subject to Availability.

Well-Wishes Station


We'll bring a third videographer to set up a well-wishes station during your cocktail hour or reception for guests to leave a video message for you on the special day.

Same-Day Highlight Edit


We'll bring a third videographer to edit footage as it's shot so you can have a short, 2+ minute Highlight video to show at your reception.

Additional 3+ Minute Highlight


Get a second highlight video with another song!  Whether you want to see your big day set to another piece of music, or an anniversary film made a year down the line, we can make that happen.

Footage & Copyright


We're very picky when selecting footage to use in our highlight films. If you'd like to have more quality footage from your day without sorting through the raw video, we can create a brief compilation of additional footage that didn't make the cut.

This also includes the copyright to all of your completed videos and the additional footage.

Additional DVDs or Flash Drives

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Our All-Inclusive Wedding Videos come with 1 free DVD or flash drive, and you can get more for free by completing our survey. You can specially order more by contacting us after your videos are delivered.

Additional Time On-Site

Essentials or Just-the-Ceremony – $300/Hour

All-Day Packages – Contact us

Our All-Day Packages include up to 10 hours of coverage. We feel that is more than enough time to make an excellent Highlight for just about anybody's wedding day, but if you absolutely must have that late-night reception activity scheduled after our 10 hours, contact us and we'll work something out.

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