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Happy, healthy cows from their family-owned business to the family-owned farms their clients run.

That's what Nobis Agriscience provides that nobody else can. We took a page from the Nobis family playbook and put "boots on the ground" for this unique multi-video portfolio. We toured their facilities and visited the farms of some of their clients to create this video suite that shares the story of Nobis Agriscience and what makes them stand out from the crowd. Using our Unique Value Proposition process, we learned what Nobis does that nobody else can do, and created videos to equip them to share their message with the world.

Company Story

One of the keys to success for Nobis Agriscience is their familial culture. Their clients are predominantly multi-generational, family-operated farms. Likewise, Nobis is a family-owned business and has been for generations. Their story is the story of a family helping other families to succeed. The voices that make up this video help to introduce key members of the staff and show what makes working with Nobis so special.

Nutrition & Consulting

Another core principle at Nobis is their boots-on-the-ground nutrition and consulting. They're not satisfied just providing a product to their clients, they visit in-person to see how the farm is operating and witness in-person their feed's impact on their clients' dairy herds. We did the same. Meeting their clients and their herds, we were able to provide evocative b-roll that includes both testimonies from the family farms Nobis consults with and footage of their most satisfied customers: the cows.

Quality Assurance

We got to know Nobis Agriscience inside and out, touring their facility and meeting their staff to understand their process from new client intake to production to delivery. That's how we were able to make this suite of videos that hits on all the high points of their process, like their rigorous quality assurance standards.

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