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Commercial Video Production in Grand Rapids

Keeping your Goals in Focus
Video marketing should have a return on investment

What is your video trying to acheive?

Too many organizations fall into the trap of hiring a video production company that does a great job of creating a cinematically perfect 4K mirage, but that loses sight of what really matters: your objectives. While stunning visuals may captivate audiences, they often fall short of driving meaningful action.

Our approach prioritizes understanding your unique goals—be it generating more leads, enhancing understanding of your product, or anything in between. We believe that a successful video isn't just about looking good; it's about strategically pushing your unique value proposition to achieve tangible results. Our expertise lies not just in producing visually stunning videos, but in crafting narratives that resonate with your audience and drive them to action.

Let's create video content that works as hard as you do, propelling your business towards its goals.

Let's Talk About Your Goals

Unnamed Films' Video Production Process

Our four stages to video production are guaranteed to create an impactful film that acheives your goals.

1. Pre-Production & Strategy

Specific Objective Analysis

We'll perform an analysis of your project needs and goals to create an Objectives Showcase.

This Objectives Showcase serves as our guide throughout the process to ensure the video we create meets your needs.

Collaborative Planning

Together, we'll develop an in-depth plan for the creation of your video. A collaborative back-and-forth between your team and ours keeps us on the same page and on track to achieve your project goals.

Confidence Builder Toolbox

Our indivudlaized coaching with your talent on what to expect and how to present on-camera builds your confidence in your video's ability to deliver the results you need.

We also have a toolbox of resources that helps us create stunning and impactful videos, every time.

2. Stress-Free Production

Passionate & Experienced Filmmakers

We're in this business because we love to be, not because we have to be. Because of this, you can trust our whole team to give your project their all.

Fun & Friendly Promise

It's important that you and anyone appearing in your video is relaxed and comfortable, which is why our team keeps it light and delivers friendly service with a smile.

Our goal is always to create something awesome, and have some fun while doing it.

Effective Direction

We'll always provide honest and helpful feedback in order to create the best end-product possible.

3. Post-Production Powerhouse

Specialized Editing Team

From the rough cut to the final edit, all the way to graphics and color grading, our specialized editing team forms quite the post-production powerhouse.

Throughout this whole process, each member of our team continuously refers to your Objectives Showcase to make sure our edit is hitting the mark.

Team Quality Assessment

Throughout the editing process, our whole team continuously reviews your project for quality so when you get your first draft, you can focus on the finer details—not big picture quality items that should already be taken care of.

Fine-Tuning Process

After the bulk of the editing is done, you'll have the opprutinty to request revisions to your video. We'll go back and forth on making sure it meets your goals and objectives, and our Fine-Tuning Process enables us to make your video exactly how you want it.

4. Impact Monitoring

ROI Review

How did your video perform compared to expectations?  We'll work with you to create a report that breaks down your return on investment and helps us to understand how we can do even better on our next project together.

Video Usage Consulting

We don't just drop you a video file and leave you high and dry. We'll also provide you with our recommendations for the use and distribution of your video and, where necessary, will help you in implementing those recommendations.

Strategic Coaching

We're here for more than just our first video together—we want to be the solution to your video needs in the future.

After our first project, we'll sit down and work with you on your continuing video strategy.

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Video is the most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

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