Automotive Product Video Still Sell Cars!

Virtual Test Drives may have really started during COVID, but they still move inventory.
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Not having to go to a dealership is still convenient for most people, it turns out.
Another entry in our collection of Virtual Test-Drives for Infiniti of Grand Rapids! What started as a means to give test-drives during Michigan's stay-at-home order has become one of IoGR's most successful marketing tools, and we are continuing to work with the dealership on creating more videos for their expanding portfolio of vehicles.

In 2020, dealerships needed a way to sell cars without in-person test drives... enter: virtual test drives. INFINITI of Grand Rapids contacted us about creating these automotive product videos and we sat down with their sales team to adapt their regular sales pitches into 2-3 minute highlight videos that feature all of the main points they would make during an in-person test-drive. The video is made of footage we captured on-site at the dealership, combined with stock footage provided by the manufacturer.

Read more about how we helped INFINITI of Grand Rapids in our case study.

Services Rendered:

  • Scripted video based on notes & marketing materials provided by client
  • Production Planning
  • Recorded original videography and voiceovers on-site at client's location
  • Blended original video with stock video to create a seamless promotional video for the local target market
  • Editing & Motion Design

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